Charcuterie board
Cured meats, olives, parmesan and ciabatta

Bread and olives (V)

Homemade soup (V)
Served with warm bread and butter

Baked camembert (V)
Served with warm bread, onion chutney and butter

Pork terrine (GF)
Compressed shoulder of pork served with apricot chutney, crispy pork crackling and watercress

Citrus cured salmon (GF)
Served with wasabi, cucumber, coriander and yoghurt

Charred asparagus (GF) (CN)
Served with broad bean salad

Dressed crab
Served with side salad, tarragon mayonnaise with bread and butter

Chicken Caesar
Crisp gem leaves, Caesar dressing, crispy bacon, chicken, croutons and parmesan

Greek salad (V) (GF)
Baby gem, olives, feta, tomato, cucumber, red onion and citrus dressing

Grilled mackerel niçois (GF)
Served with a soft boiled egg, grilled new potatoes, tomato, olives, rocket and tomato dressing

Charred broccoli (GF) (CN)
Served with new potatoes, watercress, blue cheese, toasted almonds and a blue cheese and honey dressing

Bacon, lettuce, tomato on a choice of brown or white bread

Smoked salmon bagel
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers

Cod goujon
Cod goujon, lettuce, tartar sauce on sourdough

Pan fried braised beef short rib
Served with Monterey jack cheese and red onion chutney on sourdough

All sandwiches served with fries and homemade slaw

8oz house burger
Served in brioche bun with crisp gem lettuce, beef tomato, onion chutney, bacon, Monterey jack cheese, fries and slaw

8oz blue cheese burger
Served in a brioche bun with crisp gem lettuce, beef tomato, blue cheese dressing, fries and slaw

All beef burgers are had made in house to our own recipe

Butterflied chicken breast
Served in a brioche bun with crisp gem lettuce, beef tomato, bacon, Monterey jack cheese and cajun dressing, fries and slaw

Falafel burger (V)
Chickpea pattie in a brioche bun, crisp gem lettuce, beef tomato, roasted red peppers, pepper chutney, fries and slaw

8oz Rib Eye (GF)
8oz Sirloin (GF)
8oz Rump (GF)

All steaks come cooked to your preference and are served with hand cut chips, roasted garlic field mushroom and grilled tomatoes

Please speak to our team about dietary requirements
CN = contains nuts V = vegetarian GF = gluten free