We opened our doors in late 2016 aiming to create a warm and welcoming contemporary bar and restaurant that offered the perfect place for coffee, a cocktail, or a laid-back lazy lunch and much more.

Many people have asked where our name comes from and others say “I’m sure I recognise that face from somewhere”…. If you’re from Colchester or are a history lover, you’ll probably know Boadicea as the famous warrior queen who hailed from the town and led a rebellion against the Romans way back when. She’s recognised as one of Colchester’s most famous products, alongside Dermot O’Leary and the Zoo. Whilst we’re not planning on over-throwing the government or ransacking any towns, we’re all for rousing emotion and changing the status quo.

With a name steeped in local history and known for such outstanding achievements, we are proud to be different and make our own mark on Colchester with a unique and lively destination.